Rachael London

Rachael London

Idling At Dusk

Short Description:
Video documents event. Synced cab sound systems play music that cab drivers themselves DJ alongside local DJs. Cab drivers are primarily Muslim immigrants with a variety of musical tastes. The project aims to combat Islamophobia, connect different musicians and local people/businesses while activating the plaza.

Idling At Dusk, 2014. Baltimore Penn Station.
Extra-long soldered wires, laptops, various ipods and phones, mixers, portable generator, participating cab drivers, DJs and restaurants contributions

Under the pen name Living Station Nights, I put on an event series I called Idling At Dusk at Baltimore’s Penn Station Plaza. Asked to activate the plaza as a contracted artist for Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Inc., I noticed the cab drivers social presence idling around the station chatting and listening to music. Gathering drivers, local DJs and restaurants and proposed to them this event series where I would connect the cabs sound systems to play the cab drivers music alongside professional local DJs, offering commuters local food and offering passerbys a fun way to enjoy the evening. This video documents one of these events.

Music sampled in video:

  1. Artist Unknown, untitled track from Mali Album
  2. Blaqstarr, track untitled
  3. Mohammad Rafi, Aaj Mausam Bada
    Video Clip 2 min

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