Rachael London

Rachael London

Cabbie DJ night: Idling At Dusk

Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Inc 2014

Radio producing and audio engineering

Various. On-going.

Sky Space Project : Night Lights

Various, 2010-2014.

Audio story-telling workshops

Refugee Youth Project, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. 2016-2017.

Buenos Aires, Sex work ads and public space

Photographing Holding Patterns at MoMA PS1

Interboro Partners

Chess bench for park: CHM fellowship

Cootie Catcher – STD/Sex Print

NYMM, Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf

Radio work

Various, On-going.

Gehl: Public Life Public Space research with Neighborhood Design Center, Baltimore

Neighborhood Design Center, Gehl Institute. 2017-2018.

Interboro Partners, Photographic Design Research

Interboro Partners, 2010-2012.

print sketches

Greenmount West Community Association Greening Day


Baltimore: Open City


Research contributions, publications


Lexington Market Interview Stall: Greater Sight and Sound

Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment, Inc. , On-going.

Refugee Youth Project, Baltimore. Workshop: African Teenager Radio

Vox pop reporting for This American Life

This American Life, 2018-2019

Creative Time Summit talk 2016, FORCE

Artist Residency work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Zona 1: Gold and Light /// Oro y Luz

Zona Imaginaria

Rooms Play 2011

Copy Cat Theater

Healing Subway Tile

Parsons School of Design,Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 2009.


Wave Bench, Penn Station

Station North Arts and Entertainment District Inc., 2014

Vox Pop - Portland, ME

Salt Institute, 2019.



Recess Gallery, NYC: Voyeur Night

Scott Keightly, Recess Activities in Soho, NY. 2011

Visualizing SPURA

SPURA Matters, New School, Common Room, GOLES, Buscada

Plasiks, Transmodern Fest 2010

Copy Cat Theater

Rooms Play 2011

Copy Cat Theater, Transmodern Festival

Curator for Portal, Shared studios

Portal: Shared Studios Curator, Light City. 2015-2017

Salt Institute - Radio Narrative Reporting - Senior Isolation in Maine.

Salt Institute. 2019.

Rat Film: Sound Design

Theo Anthony. 2015-2016.

Drift State

Contemporary Museum, The Soft House. 2012

Good Airs Upon the Sea//Buenos Aires Shanghai

Zona Imaginaria, 2012.

SÍM Art Residency in Reykjavík, Iceland.

SÍM Residency, 2015-2016.

Costume/Set Design & Fabrication Commission - Mouth puppet, Netflix igloo. Wham City

Dan Deacon