Rachael London

Rachael London

Cabbie DJ night: Idling At Dusk

Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Inc 2014

print sketches

Greenmount West Community Association Greening Day

Salt Institute - Radio Narrative Reporting - Senior Isolation in Maine.

Salt Institute. 2019.

Creative Time Summit talk 2016, FORCE

Audio story-telling workshops

Refugee Youth Project, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. 2016-2017.

Photographing Holding Patterns at MoMA PS1

Interboro Partners

SÍM Art Residency in Reykjavík, Iceland.

SÍM Residency, 2015-2016.

Proposal Sample Photos

Radio producing and audio engineering

Various. On-going.

Radio work

Various, On-going.

Interboro Partners, Photographic Design Research

Interboro Partners, 2010-2012.

Vox pop reporting for This American Life

This American Life, 2018-2019


Good Airs Upon the Sea//Buenos Aires Shanghai

Zona Imaginaria, 2012.

Chess bench for park: CHM fellowship

Insane Correspondence

Wave Bench, Penn Station

Station North Arts and Entertainment District Inc., 2014

Sky Space Project : Night Lights

Various, 2010-2014.

Rat Film: Sound Design

Theo Anthony. 2015-2016.


Rooms Play 2011

Copy Cat Theater

Costume/Set Design & Fabrication Commission - Mouth puppet, Netflix igloo. Wham City

Dan Deacon

Gehl: Public Life Public Space research with Neighborhood Design Center, Baltimore

Neighborhood Design Center, Gehl Institute. 2017-2018.

Vox Pop - Portland, ME

Salt Institute, 2019.

Artist Residency work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Zona 1: Gold and Light /// Oro y Luz

Zona Imaginaria

Recess Gallery, NYC: Voyeur Night

Scott Keightly, Recess Activities in Soho, NY. 2011

Visualizing SPURA

SPURA Matters, New School, Common Room, GOLES, Buscada

Lexington Market Interview Stall: Greater Sight and Sound

Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment, Inc. , On-going.

Curator for Portal, Shared studios

Portal: Shared Studios Curator, Light City. 2015-2017

Healing Subway Tile

Parsons School of Design,Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 2009.


Drift State

Contemporary Museum, The Soft House. 2012

Voyeur Night

Baltimore: Open City


Cootie Catcher – STD/Sex Print

NYMM, Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf