Rachael London

Rachael London

Voyeur Night

gettin down

in the club, where the magic happens

birds eye view of the club

what's up zebra, wanna dance?

A fine young clubber shows off his attire

some attire that is fit for the club

VIPs at the red carpet

Finger Dance Club Night

Voyeur Night!

Visitors to the finger night club were invited to dress their fingers and attempt to get past the bouncer into the miniature club. The club was built with one-way mirrors and offered Baltimore Club music by DJ’s such as DJ Diva Cup, Deep in the Game, Schwarz, LEXX and others.

Thanks to our Bouncer Dan Zink, the generous DJs, Recess Activities and their Scott Keightly, resident artist, for the invitation to contribute.

  • For Scott Keightly, Recess Activities

  • Type Recess Activities, Interactive, Event, Installation, Performance, Costume

  • URL vimeo.com/28937396

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