Audio story-telling workshops

As an educator I have worked as a teaching-artist with Refugee Youth Project to make radio with African youth. I worked with youth and their families to help them tell their stories through multi-media projects. This project is not a highly polished piece but was very fun for the group of refugee youth to produce and edit themselves. It was a workshop I taught over the course of a spring semester where students grew confidence approaching subjects, practiced English, learned scripting, using radio gear and connected as a group. The students named the project African Teenager Radio.

As noted: we were based at Patterson High, partnered with the Refugee Youth Project and supported by Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. (Note: the piece is looped, rough interviews and snippets of audio from our time together.)

  • Role Producer, educator
  • For Refugee Youth Project, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. 2016-2017.