Lexington Market Interview Stall: Greater Sight and Sound

Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment, Inc. commissioned me to create a project at a 300+ year old public market in Baltimore (Lexington Market). I created a stand within the market, calling the project Greater Sight & Sound (GSS). It is an interactive multimedia installation using an once-empty stall to gather and showcase video recordings with the diverse range of people that work at and visit the Market. The stand serves as an open playful recording space for passerbys to volunteer interviews. By using oral history GSS captures the unique character of this historic space and people’s relationships to it, particularly at a time of transition. All stories and informal performances are welcome: new visitors, funny stories, impressive outfits, long-time patrons and vendors.

  • For Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment, Inc. , On-going.
  • Date 2015 – on-going