Gehl: Public Life Public Space research with Neighborhood Design Center, Baltimore

I was brought onto work with community design group Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) in Baltimore to lead on the ground research on public space and public life to contribute to an open call to Gehl Insitute. I interviewed over a hundred people I approached on the street to gather qualitative and quantitative data to show how arts events change the use and feel of public space. We won the call and have since shared our work at Gehl conferences in Amsterdam and Philadelphia. I presented our award-winning research along with NDC director Jennifer Goold, Founder of Brown and Healthy Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka LOVE the Poet and researcher from Gehl Riley Gold at the Association for Community Design 41st Annual Conference in 2018.

From NDC’s website: "During Summer 2017, NDC was selected to participate in the Gehl Institute’s Open Call: Proposals for Public Life. We spent the summer delving into the research to explore the question, “How does programming impact social mixing in Baltimore’s public spaces?”

Take a deeper dive into the important insights from our research with the Gehl Institute. Data (and poetry) strongly frame how space activation and cultural programming can make for more equitable places.