Artist Residency work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Zona 1: Gold and Light /// Oro y Luz

Oro y Luz: Puerto Madero. Public Installation. 2012. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2 minutes.

This is a compilation documenting that performance in spring of 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This series comes out of time I spent at Zona Imaginaria, an artist residency in San Fernando.

As part of a residency at Zona Imagarina, I created a temporary installation by reflecting light off buildings with a mirror in financial district, Puerto Madero. I used light, local mythology and architecture as symbols to respond to the Argentine economic climate, history and policy as it related globally to the world economy and it’s own people.

The video was screened at La Chicas Presents series in New York, NY (June 2012), at Transmodern Festival in Baltimore, MD (May 2012) and at the City Arts Gallery in Baltimore (January 2013).

Below the video are still images of my time and work as a resident at Zona Imaginaria in April-May of 2012 in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During my residency at Zona Imaginaria, I also collected glass and spray painted it gold (to create “fools gold”) then planted it around the urban renewal site and financial district Puerto Madero as a response to the neighborhood, its architecture, the in- flux Argentine inflation and local legend about gold, light and the Spanish colonialists.

A separate series (Good Airs Upon the Sea) that came from my time there can be found in the Work section of this website.

Puerto Madero. Where the glass was buried.

Vidrio y Oro. Glass, gold spray paint. 2012. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Glass/Gold buried in Puerto Madero.